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Accelerating Digital performance

We connect organisations with customers through effective & creative strategies – bridging brand identity with memorable experiences.

As your Kollektive of digital experts based in Cambridge and London, our skills & seamless collaboration helps companies communicate their value propositions through persuasive website design, user experience and brand positioning. We are your external marketing team who can craft clean, professional websites & sell your story.

We get to know you and your business and help establish a clear narrative for your target prospects. We convey this clear message throughout your digital assets, distributing consistency across your digital investments on time & on budget.

How We Work

Why Work with our Kollektive

There is no set formula, each solution is unique.

We find a balance between your goals for the website, how you want to position your company and what your customers want from you.

Our small and perfectly-formed team design and develop your website themselves, we don’t pass off projects to junior designers.

We help to structure your content and present it in digestible chunks which guide and funnel your customer to the relevant information quickly – bringing you more business.


Web Design

Website design is our bread and butter. Our websites range from simple brochure websites to ones with more complex functionality such as donations with a live, up-to-date map of donors.

Our clients come to us, often looking to revamp their existing, outdated website with their existing branding. Others have new projects, and ask us to do the new brand design which we then bring to life on the new website.

Once we’ve built your website, we can help you maintain it. We offer website hosting on our private servers exclusively for our clients and website maintenance, including security updates and backups, for peace of mind and hassle free up-keep.

Strategy & Architecture
Content structure & Copywriting
Front-end Design
Web Development
Integrations & Functionality
On-page SEO


We offer a range of branding services including grand guidelines (colour palettes and typography), logo design, letterheads, business cards and more. 

Brand Guidelines
Print Media


Once we’ve built you a beautiful and functional website, we can help guide potential customers to it.

Our link building is fully transparent with a live workbook so you can see our progress. Our methods implement best SEO-practice so you are not penalised by Google, providing you with long term ranking stability. 

White Hat Link Building

Lindsey Group

Web Design
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Pattern Research

Branding & Web Design
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What Our Clients wANt to know

What platform do you use?

We’ve worked with a variety of platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace and Webflow.

Our favourite platform is WordPress – we have overe 10 years experience with this content management system and it’s so versatile and easy for our clients to use.

Have you done this type of project before?

We’ve worked in lots of sectors. There is no one size fits all and each project is unique – we find a bespoke solution and charge accordingly with a unique quote.

We work to create strategy for each individual company, which applies across each and every project.

What do I need to start?

Most of our client comes to us with their branding images and content, we then put it all together.

We can help source images and offer copywriting services, and these projects take a little longer to complete.

How long does it take to finish a project?

Each project has a unique scope so the programme varies from project to project. A simple brochure site up to 15 pages typically takes around 4-6 weeks.

How easily can I maintain my site?

This depends on the complexity of the functionality and how the site is built. We can recommend a CMS like wordpress. For clients looking to independently update their site, we often suggest WordPress with its user-friendly interface that enables you to keep content up to date in-house without coding knowledge. If you need extra help or want to develop the website in the future, we are always happy to discuss your needs.